CHAQI Branding Strategy



About the project

CHAQI is a company that sells aromatic Chinese tea.Qi in the Chinese language represents the lifeforce energy or the breath of life, present in in the earth, animals, plants, and spirits.

The concept developed was to portray that the brand to show that is natural and fresh, as where the tea leaves comes and made from, leaving the impression that the tea leave is exclusive and high quality.

Flame on Ignite Your Passion

Most people don’t purposefully shatter their cherished pieces of pottery, but that isn’t always the case in Japanese culture. Adorning broken ceramics with a lacquer mixed with powdered gold is part of a more than 500-year-old Japanese tradition that highlights imperfections rather than hiding them. This not only teaches calm when a cherished piece of pottery breaks; it is a reminder of the beauty of human fragility as well.

Cha Qi Pic Mock Black
Cha Qi Logo Mockup