Team Ink

Our Team

Meet the INK Team

Young, dynamic & ready to roll with the punches, we are true to our name! We’re flexible & fun.
And ever ready to inject colour, variety and life into your brand & products!

Ready to realise your dreams INKredibly!
Incredible bunch of people who are always ready to create wonders
Nobility and integrity is uphold dearly, at INK in all we do, we emphasise on ethics and high integrity
Knowledgeable and skilled, we’re always ready for a challenge!

The Founder and “Chief of Happiness” (COH) of Ink :

Ulee Wong

Adds a little magic to everything she does.

Ulee graduated from the Malaysia Institute of Art with a major in Graphic Design.She has over 25 years of solid experience in the field of Design, Advertising, and Marketing. She takes responsibility in overseeing the standard of creative output, generated by the creative team very seriously. With a great eye for intricate detail, Ulee adds value to all her creative work and ensures the team does the same.

What We do

At INK, we believe that the right representation of your brand speak volumes to your customers. It tells a story of your brand's identity and is paramount in exemplifying your vision. And that’s why we take pride in ensuring that your brand is always well represented in each and every product that we churn.